Individual Makeup

The use of high-definition cameras means it’s more important than ever to have a makeup artist for your next portrait or photo shoot. Everyday makeups are great for just that, “everyday.” They don’t always photograph well or stand up to the Texas heat! Professional airbrush makeup is designed to photograph well both in the studio and outdoors in natural light and stand-up to the heat and humidity. The elements are no problem when you’ve ensured a makeup artist is on duty for your next photo shoot.

  • Professional Airbrush Makeup Application (including false lashes) starts at $90.

Personalized Makeup Lessons are offered for those either wanting to learn the basics of an everyday makeup routine. Or someone looking to venture out and update their current routine. We even have lessons for those interested in pursuing a career in the world of makeup artistry.

  • Personal Makeup Lessons start at $125.

Makeup Artists are available to travel to you at home or your photo shoot location. Or we can arrange for you to come by our South Austin studio prior to your photo shoot. If you’ll also need a hairstylist for your session, we’d be happy to assist with recommendations. Let’s get in touch and discuss what’s going to work out best for you!